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Domain Overview


We have compiled our most popular domain-related articles into three different series, starting from concepts to how-to articles to troubleshooting and a bonus section for the newbie and advanced users out there. We've grouped them together to better guide you through purchasing, managing, updating, troubleshooting, and more when it comes to your domain. Here's the breakdown of what we have listed:

Domain How-To's

Domain Concepts

Domain Troubleshooting

Additional Information

Whether you are an advanced expert or someone just starting out, you should be able to find something helpful here when it comes to domains. If it’s not listed in the series, use the search function above as there are more domain articles in our KB.

Still not finding it? Make sure to check out the HostGator Blog. If you still can’t find something, let us know in the widget that appears at the bottom of this article. We do read and use the information you provide to improve our Knowledgebase, so keep the feedback coming!

Domain How-To's

What do you want to do with your domain?

Here are some of the basic functions you can do with your domain name.

Please check out the article Domain How-To's for more information about domain management.

Domain Concepts

The basics

Let us uncover a few facts about domains!

Need help in choosing a domain?

Getting ready to register a domain but got stuck on what domain to choose? You are not the only one! Let's take a breather and discuss a few things here.

Let's get started!

As you now have an idea of what domain to register, you need to familiarize yourself with how to manage your domain once it's registered.

Domain Troubleshooting

Is your website still down even after completing your domain registration or renewal, or perhaps even after your domain transfer to HostGator? There are many reasons as to what's causing this. We've compiled helpful articles that could help you troubleshoot your website. 

  • Basic Troubleshooting - You'll get to know how DNS records play an important role in making that "connection" between your domain and your website.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting - Need more articles to show you further troubleshooting steps to fix your website? Visit this page to find out more.

Additional Information

If you'd like to familiarize yourself more with domains, we've got you covered! Here is a list of related articles about domain names.

"Hey, I'm a newbie here!" - Starter Level

If you're just starting your own website and would want to learn more about how domains work, here are a few more articles to guide you.

"Getting there..." - Intermediate Level

Continue learning new things and discover more about domain names! These support and blog articles will keep you going.

"I am a Pro!" - Advanced Level

Are you looking for support articles to help you troubleshoot your website? These articles may help you. We also have a dedicated page, Domain Troubleshooting, that discusses domain-related issues.


You may also check our Knowledgebase if you're looking for other domain-specific topics!