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Domain How-To's


There is a lot you can do with your domain name! Using your HostGator Customer Portal, you have the ability to manage, update, renew, lock, unlock, and transfer your domain(s) anytime*. This article is your go-to page if you want a quick list of the different features of the Domains section within your Customer Portal and how to use them.

Customer Portal - Domains section

Here is a list of how-to articles you can use in managing and updating your domain(s).

  1. Register a Domain - Want to order a new domain? It is now made easier within the portal. How to register a domain name with HostGator
  2. Transfer a Domain - Do you have a domain you would like to manage here at HostGator? Transfer your domain now so you can manage them within your portal. How to transfer my domain to HostGator
  3. Contact Info - This section allows you to update your domain's personal and business contact information. How to update WHOIS information
  4. Domain Privacy - Keep your domain contact information private. Turn on your domain privacy! How to enable domain privacy
  5. Domain Locking - In this section, you can secure your domain from being transferred away without your permission. How to lock/unlock domains
  6. Name Servers - Get started on creating your website by setting up your domain's name servers first. How to change my DNS or name servers
  7. Private Name Servers - Are you on a Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated hosting plan? If yes, configure your private name servers in this section. Setting up private name servers
  8. Auto-Renew - This section houses several features. You can turn on the automatic renewal feature, renew your domain to full term, and cancel the domain.
    • Your website is important, and you want to keep it up and running all the time. Making sure your domain name is active and renewed right on time is just one way of keeping your site visible online. How to turn on domain auto-renewal
    • To cancel a domain name, you must turn off your domain's auto-renewal feature. Please check out this article to know how: How to cancel my domain name.
    • Great news! You can now renew your domain to the full term within your Customer Portal! How to renew my domain name

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*Note: There may be external ICANN paraments that may prevent some features from being updated or accessed anytime. For more information, please visit the ICANN website.