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Domain How-To's

There is a lot you can do with your domain name! This article is your go-to page if you need a quick list of the different features of the Domains section within your Customer Portal and how to use them.

Here are the functionalities available in the Customer Portal's Domains tab.

Domain Overview 

The Overview section contains a summary of the domain status, renewal settings, and domain contacts.

Customer Portal - Domain Overview


  • Shows if the domain is available for use (Active) or not (Expired).
  • Shows if the domain is locked or unlocked.
  • Shows how many services are linked to the domain.

Renewal Settings

  • Shows the domain's renewal date.
  • Shows if the Auto-Renew feature is enabled or disabled.
  • Shows if the Expiration Protection feature is enabled or disabled.


  • Shows the domain's registered owner.
  • Shows if the Domain Privacy is enabled or disabled.

Domain Connections

The Domain Connections section displays the various services your domain is connected to, including the total number of connections.

Customer Portal - Domain Connections

Purchase new domains (and Domain Privacy)

This section offers you the opportunity to acquire new domains along with Domain Privacy options.

Customer Portal - Purchase new domains

For detailed instructions on how to register new domains in your Customer Portal, please refer to the following article.

Domain Contacts

The Domain Contacts section displays information about the domain's registered owner, also known as the registrant. It includes details about the individuals authorized to manage the domain, accessible through the Domain Owner, Administrator, and Technical dropdown menus.

Within this section, you also have the option to activate or deactivate Domain Privacy, add new domain contacts, or modify existing ones.

Customer Portal - Domain Contacts

For more information about updating your domain contact information (WHOIS) and managing your Domain Privacy, please visit the following articles.

Transfer or Move Domain

The Transfer or Move Domain section is where you can begin the process of transferring your domain should you decide to move it to another registrar. This is also where you can move your domain to another account or another person and view or manage your domain lock settings.

Customer Portal - Transfer or Move Domain

Please visit the following articles for more information on the functionalities you can find in this section.

Advanced Tools

The Advanced Tools section is where you can manage your domain's name servers and DNS records.

Customer Portal - Advanced ToolsFor more information about managing your name servers and advanced DNS records, please visit the following articles.

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*Note: There may be external ICANN parameters that may prevent some features from being updated or accessed anytime. For more information, please visit the ICANN website.


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