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Registering a Domain Name with HostGator


LaunchPad is HostGator's domain registrar. Any registered domains will be part of this system during the initial account setup. LaunchPad allows you to register a domain directly at hostgator.com/domains or within the Customer Portal.

This article discusses the following topics: 

Can I register a domain name together with a new hosting plan?

Yes, you definitely can! If you don't have a domain name yet and are planning to order a new hosting package with us, we recommend registering your domain name while purchasing your web hosting package. Just enter the domain you want to register on the top section of the Order Web Hosting form, and we will include it in your order.

How to register a domain name

Domain name registration does not require that web hosting be purchased with it, just as web hosting does not require a domain name purchase through LaunchPad. You can choose to sign up for either one separately.

We created a video guide to assist with your domain name registration.

Step 1: Choosing a domain 

The most exciting and challenging step in this how-to article is choosing your domain name. With hundreds of available domains in the market, choosing the "perfect" one is the trickiest. Remember, select a domain that "connects" it to its purpose!

For some tips on how to choose your domain name, here are support articles you may find helpful:


Step 2: Registering a domain

Depending on your domain, there are various methods of registration. For a complete list of the domains you can register within your Customer Portal or via the front-of-site and those that require Live Support, please see the following article:

Please click the links below for the instructions.

Register a domain via the Customer Portal
  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click Domains from the left menu.

    Customer Portal - Domains

  3. Hit the Register a Domain button at the top.

    Custpmer Portal - Domains - Register a Domain

  4. You will be redirected to the Search Domains page. Enter the domain you want to register in the search box and click the Search button.

    Customer Portal - Domains - Search Domains

  5. If the domain is unavailable, you may search for a different domain or add a recommended domain to your cart with the Add To Cart button.
  6. If the domain is available, it will automatically be added to Your Cart along with Domain Privacy (if checked).

    HostGator Domains - Search Results

  7. Privacy protection may be added or removed from your domain by clicking the + or x next to Privacy Protection in your cart.

    Remove Domain Privacy

    We strongly recommend keeping Domain Privacy to protect your domain's personal and business contact information. For more information about Domain Privacy, please refer to the WHOIS Information & Domain Privacy article.
  8. You may search for additional domains you wish to register or click the Add To Cart button next to any domain recommendations.
  9. Once your selection is complete, check your domain(s) to ensure their correct spelling. Please note that we cannot edit the domain name once it's already registered.
  10. Click Continue to Checkout.
  11. Select your preferred payment method and click Continue to Checkout again.

    Domains - Choose Payment Method

  12. On the next page, you can select your registration term, set your name servers, and enter your discount code.

    Domains - Fill in Details for Name Servers, Coupons and Term

  13. Select the checkbox for the Terms of Service, Domain Registration Policy, and Privacy Policy to confirm.
  14. Click Place Your Order.


Register a domain via hostgator.com/domains

You can register your domain via https://www.hostgator.com/domains directly.

HostGator Domains - Front-of-Site

To register your domain via https://www.hostgator.com/domains:

  1. Enter your preferred domain name and click on Search.
  2. The front-of-site will check if your domain is available. If it is, you'll see the domain under the Your Cart section in the right panel (with Domain Privacy addon if it's checked). Don't forget to check the spelling of your domain name for accuracy! Click Continue to Checkout.

    Remove Domain Privacy

  3. If you already have a HostGator account, proceed with the registration by selecting your payment method.

    If you do not have an account yet, you will be prompted to register. Once done with the account registration, select your preferred payment method.

    Domains - Choose Payment Method

  4. Click on Continue to Checkout once again.
  5. Review your Order Summary, where you can select your registration term, set your name servers, and enter your discount code.

    Domains - Fill in Details for Name Servers, Coupons and Term

  6. Select the checkbox for the Terms of Service, Domain Registration Policy, and Privacy Policy to confirm.
  7. Click Place Your Order to finalize.

If you require assistance from HostGator"s Support, please do not hesitate to reach out via phone or Live Chat.


Register a domain with Live Support assistance

You can register a new domain with or without a hosting plan. However, some domains and payment methods may require you to contact HostGator's Support for assistance.

Note: Any domain that requires Live Support to register can only be registered by a customer who already has a HostGator billing account. A HostGator billing account may only be acquired by purchasing an eligible domain from https://www.hostgator.com/domains or hosting from https://www.hostgator.com.


Step 3: Validating your domain

Once the domain has completed the provisioning process, you will be required to validate your domain order. This is a necessary step in the domain registration process following the ICANN 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement. You will be receiving a confirmation email from LaunchPad. For more information regarding the domain validation process, please see the following article:

You may check the status of your new domain through your Customer Portal's Domains section.

What is domain sniping?

Domain sniping, also known as "domain drop catching," is the practice of registering a domain name immediately after it expires. For more information on how to avoid domain sniping, check out this support guide:

Need additional assistance? HostGator's Support is here to help. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist!