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How to Cancel my Domain Name


At HostGator, you have full control of your domain(s). If you decide not to renew your domain, you can cancel it anytime within your Customer Portal.

In this article, we'll discuss how to cancel your domain name in your account. If you're looking for instructions on canceling your hosting plan, please refer to the following article.

To cancel a domain name, you have to turn OFF its auto-renewal feature in the Customer Portal so you will no longer be billed or invoiced in your account. However, if you changed your mind and decided to keep your domain, you need to enable the auto-renewal feature or manually renew your domain within the Customer Portal.


To avoid getting your subscription suspended or canceled unknowingly, HostGator generates invoices and processes automatic payments based on your subscription (hosting plan, addons, or domain renewal).

  • If you wish to cancel your domain name, you will have to turn off its auto-renewal feature before your account auto-generates an invoice for the domain renewal (which is 45 days before the domain's renewal date).
  • If an invoice is already generated, you may still turn off your auto-renewal feature; however, you will need to contact HostGator's Support so we can delete the invoice from your account and you can avoid getting charged (auto-charging takes place 15 days before the domain's renewal date).

For more information, please check the article Invoicing and Automatic Billing.

Canceling your domain name

To cancel your domain (turn off the auto-renewal feature):

  1. Log in to Customer Portal.
  2. Click on the Domains tab.

    Customer Portal - Domains

  3. In the Domains section, you will see the domains attached to your account.

    Domain Overview

  4. Locate the domain you wish to cancel, then click More.
  5. Under Domain Overview, look for Auto Renew, then click the Change link.

    Domains - Auto-Renew Change Link

    Alternatively, you can also hover over the left-side menu, then select Auto-Renew.

    Domains - Auto-Renew Tab

  6. Under the Domain Auto-Renew section, slide the toggle to the right to turn OFF the auto-renewal feature.

    Domain Auto-Renew - Toggle Settings

  7. Click Save Auto-Renew.
If you wish to remove an expired domain from your Customer Portal's Domains section, please reach out to us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist you.