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How to Lock or Unlock a Domain

A domain lock is a security feature designed to keep your domain safe from unauthorized transfer to another registrar. Any domain you register with HostGator will automatically be set to a "locked" status, meaning it cannot be transferred away from us. To "unlock", means your domain can be transferred away from your HostGator account.

Here at HostGator, we want to make it easier for you to manage your hosting plans, billing, and domains in a single control panel. The following instructions will show you how to lock or unlock your domains within your Customer Portal.


Hey, just so you are aware, unlocking your domain within your Customer Portal will get you access to your Auth Code (also known as authorization key, EPP key, EPP code, or transfer key), a unique code that protects your domain from being transferred away to another registrar. If you unlock your domain, this means you are allowing your domain to be transferred AWAY from your HostGator account, your current registrar.

How to Lock or Unlock your Domain

You must be logged in as the Primary or Tech user to lock or unlock the domain within the Customer Portal.

To enable (or disable) your domain's lock:

  1. Log in to your HostGator Customer Portal.
  2. Click Domains on the left-side menu. 

    Customer Portal - Domains tab

  3. If you have a single domain in your account, scroll down the domain's management page and look for the Transfer or Move Domain section.


    If you have multiple domains in your account, look for the domain you want to lock or unlock.

    • If you're in the Advanced view, click your domain name. (You may also click the 3 vertical dots icon to the right, under the Actions column, and then click Manage.) You'll be redirected to your domain's management page.

      Customer Portal - Domains - Advanced view

    • If you're in the Summary view, click the Settings button. You'll be redirected to your domain's management page.

      Customer Portal - Domains - Summary view

  4. Scroll down and look for the Transfer or Move Domain section. Click this section to expand.

    Transfer or Move Domain

  5. You will see a toggle switch beside Domain Locked. Toggle it on or off to lock or unlock the domain.

    Domain Locking - Off with EPP Key

  6. If you lock the domain, it is secure from unauthorized transfer. Your domain is safe with us.

    Domain Locked

    If you unlock the domain, it is vulnerable to unauthorized transfer. However, if you intend to transfer this domain to another registrar, you can proceed with requesting your Auth Code (or EPP code/key). This is your domain's unique code that your new registrar needs to proceed with the domain transfer.

    Domain Unocked

Need additional assistance? Please contact HostGator's Support via phone or chat so we can assist you!
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