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How to Lock or Unlock a Domain


Locking the domain is a security feature designed to keep your domain safe from unauthorized transfer to another registrar. Any domain you register with HostGator will automatically be set to a locked status, meaning it cannot be transferred away from its current registrar.

Here at HostGator, we want to make it easier for you to manage your hosting plans, billing, and domains in a single control panel. The following instructions will show you how to lock or unlock your domains within your Customer Portal.


Hey, just so you are aware, unlocking your domain within your Customer Portal will get you access to your EPP code (also known as authorization key, auth code, or transfer key), a unique code that protects your domain from being transferred away to another registrar. If you unlock your domain, this means you are allowing your domain to be transferred AWAY from your HostGator account, your current registrar.

Locking or unlocking your domain

If you purchased your domain from HostGator but did not find it in your Customer Portal, it may be a HostGator/Enom domain, which requires management via the Registry Rocket portal. Please reach out to us via phone or chat, so we can assist you with your EPP code.

To enable (or disable) your domain's lock:

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal
  2. Click Domains on the left menu. 

    Domains Tab

  3. Click on your domain to get to the Domain Overview, which displays more details about the selected domain and provides access to several other functions.

    Customer Portal Domains Overview

  4. Click on the Change link beside the Locking menu.


    Alternatively, you can also click the Domain Locking icon from the left sidebar.

    Customer Portal Domains Locking

  5. Toggle the button to your desired setting.
    • If you toggle the lock ON, your domain will be kept safe within your Customer Portal, and HostGator will continue to be your domain's registrar.

      Domain Locking - ON

    • If you toggle the lock OFF, the EPP Key section will be displayed, making your domain open and ready to be transferred to another registrar anytime.

      Domain Locking - Off with EPP Key

      To proceed with the domain transfer (away from HostGator) process:

      1. Click on the Request Your EPP Key button to view your domain's unique EPP code/authorization code.
      2. Copy the code and provide this to your preferred registrar so they can process your domain transfer request.
  6. Click Save Domain Locking to save the changes.

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