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WHOIS Information & Domain Privacy


Domains name registrations are considered similar to registering a company in the fact that you are required to provide valid and accurate contact information about the owner of the domain name.  You can choose to make information about the owner public or private, however, you are required to provide accurate publicly visible contact information.  All domain registrations and contact information are listed in the publicly visible WHOIS directory.

Here is some information on updating your domain contact information (WHOIS), and how to keep your personal contact information private.

Updating Public Information about Your Domain

It is important that you keep your WHOIS contact information up-to-date so that you receive important notices about your domain name (such as reminders on when it expires), as well as registering yourself as the owner of the domain in case there is a dispute.

GDPR Domain Masking

While European customer's contact details will be masked publicly by default due to GDPR, this means also that you will not know instantly when someone is looking to contact about the domain in question. Keeping Domain Privacy on the domain will allow any inquiries to be forwarded to you.

Domain Privacy adds an additional layer of protection on top for those that are protected through GDPR law. Further details regarding this service can be found in our Domain Registration Agreement.

Privacy Protection for Your Personal Information

Domain privacy allows you to keep your contact information such as your name, address and phone number private from prying eyes, while still fulfilling that you list valid contact information for your domain.  You are still listed as the owner of the domain, however, the public does not see your name or contact information.

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