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Domain Order Validation


In accordance with the ICANN 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, HostGator requires domain order validation for any of the following actions:

Domain Order Validation for LaunchPad Domains

Once a domain order has been completed at https://hostgator.com/domains, customers must validate the order via a code which is emailed to them. The domain order validation process for LaunchPad domains is detailed below.

1. Complete Your Domain Order

Once your domain order is successfully completed, you will receive the following message:

Confirm Order


2. Check Your Email for Domain Registration Validation and Welcome Emails

With the successful completion of your domain order, you will also receive two emails at the email address provided during your domain purchase:

  1. Welcome email
  2. Domain Registration Validation email

You will need to access the Domain Registration Validation email to obtain the validation code. If no verification is received, reminder emails will be sent on the 7th and 14th day after the initial email.

3. Validate Your Domain Order

Once you have received the Domain Registration Validation email, you can complete the validation process by clicking on the link within the email. You will then be taken to the following page, confirming that the order has been validated:



If the link within the email is not working, you can alternatively visit the code entry page directly from the link provided in the email. From there, you can manually enter your validation code.

Validation Code


Domain Order Validation for eNom Domains

Immediately after any new domain registration is completed, eNom will send an email to the registrant's email address to validate the domain. Subsequently, eNom will send reminder emails every 5 days up to the 15th day until validation is completed.

Failure to Validate

LaunchPad Domains

If the domain order is not validated within 15 days, the domain name will be suspended, and a ticket notification will be sent to the email address under which the domain was registered. Once this occurs, you will no longer be able to validate the order with the code from the validation email; instead, you will need to respond to the ticket notification.

If you attempt to validate the domain order with the validation code after the 15-day time frame, you will receive a warning message instructing you to contact HostGator as we are required to manually verify all domain orders that were not validated in the 15 day time frame.

eNom Domains

If no verification is received by the end of day 15, the domain name will be suspended. No additional emails are sent after the 15th day. Once suspended, eNom will display a "Not Verified" page on the domain itself, indicating that the domain name is suspended due to lack of verification. From this page, customers can request to have the validation email resent.

Once validation is completed, the domain page will be updated to a "Verified" page. The site may then take 24-48 hours to come back up due to propagation.