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Customer Portal - User and Roles Permissions

This article will detail the user and roles and what the individual users and roles can and cannot do when logged into the Customer Portal or when calling HostGator for support.

Here are the topics discussed in this article.

What is an Account User and Roles?  

Within the Customer Portal, multiple users can be assigned different permissions corresponding to their user type. These types include the following: 

  • Primary Contact (limited to one per account) - This user has full authority to make changes to the account, which is ideal for the primary account holder. 
  • Administrative Contact - This user has limited permissions on the account; this is ideal for administrative tasks on the account. 
  • Technical Contact - This user has restricted capabilities primarily focused on product maintenance. 

Below is a quick breakdown of the different account roles and their access.

Permissions Primary Contact Administrative Contact Technical Contact
Edit the account Holder and/or Primary Yes No No
Edit payment information Yes Yes No
Add/Edit/Delete other user roles Yes Yes No
Purchase new products Yes Yes No
Manage products and services Yes Yes Yes
Renew products and services Yes Yes Yes
Edit the domains' WHOIS registrant contact information Yes No No
Edit the domains' WHOIS Admin or Tech user information  Yes Yes Yes
Add users Yes Yes No

How to add Administrative and/or Technical Users to your Account

To add an Administrative and/or Technical user to your account:

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click the Profile icon in the top-right corner of your page and select Accounts & Users from the list of options.

    Customer Portal - Profile icon - Accounts & Users

  3. On the Account & Users page, select your account and click its Manage button.

    Customer Portal - Accounts & Users - Manage button

  4. Within the Account page, scroll down to the User Roles & Permisisons section, then click the + Add User button.

    Customer Portal - User Roles & Permissions - + Add User

  5. Enter the name and email address of the user you would like to add, then select the role they will have in your account.

    Customer Portal - Add User Details and Role

  6. Once done, click the Invite button.
  7. An invite will be sent to the email address you provided. The user can set their own user ID, password, and security PIN. Once the user has accepted, they will appear on the Account & Users page. 

How to Manage Users in your account

Depending on your user role, you can edit or remove users and user roles on the Account & Users page within the Customer Portal. Please see the section above to know what your role can or cannot do within your Customer Portal.

  1. Within the User Roles & Permisisons section of your Customer Portal, Click the Edit link next to the user you want to update.

    Customer Portal - User Roles & Permissions - Edit

  2. Make updates on the user's role.
    • To edit the role, select the role you want to update the user to, then click the Save button.

      Customer Portal - Edit user

    • To remove the user, click Delete in the top-right corner. Confirm the removal by clicking the Delete button in the pop-up window.

      Customer Portal - Delete User


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