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SSL Getting Started

SSL certificates encrypt information as it is transferred across the internet. These certificates are required for e-commerce sites that accept credit card payments online; however, they may be used as desired to secure data transfer and login information.

With HostGator, SSL certificates are typically purchased for a 1-year term and are non-refundable.

If you want to learn the basics of SSL, we have consolidated SSL articles for you.

Types of SSL

There are several types of SSL certificates available for purchase. The type of certificate you decide to use will depend on how many domains you wish to secure and the level of warranty desired.

  • Positive SSL
    The Positive SSL is the most affordable SSL option that offers strong protection for your information and also includes Sectigo's $10,000 limited warranty and a site seal to place on your website.
  • Sectigo SSL
    The Sectigo SSL certificate protects data with the same security as the Positive SSL but with an additional $250,000 limited warranty against unauthorized transactions, along with a site seal for your website.
  • Multi-Domain SSL
    The Multi-Domain SSL secures up to 210 domains with a single SSL certificate, and that includes coverage for up to 3 domains with free installation.
  • Positive WildCard SSL
    The Wildcard SSL enables SSL encryption to protect both your domain and subdomains using a single certificate. This also includes Sectigo's $10,000 limited warranty and a site seal to place on your website.
  • Sectigo Extended Validation SSL
    The Extended Validation (EV) SSL provides a higher standard of assurance for website visitors by positively authenticating the business behind a domain. To top all that, a green HTTPS address bar exclusive to the EV SSL certificates is added to your site. This will provide additional reassurance to visitors that they are interacting with a verified business on a secured domain.

HostGator also offers Free SSL Certificates depending on your hosting plan.

  • Free Positive SSL
    This Positive SSL certificate is included in all Linux Business Hosting and Windows Enterprise Hosting plans only.
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
    The Free Let's Encrypt SSL will automatically be available to every domain and subdomain for new and existing customers.

Installation Requirements

Please consider the following checklist before ordering an SSL certificate:

  • Be sure your WHOIS information is current and valid.
  • If you have Domain/WHOIS Privacy, then you must either prepare a screenshot of the actual WHOIS information (from your backend) or you must remove the privacy setting temporarily (not recommended, as your registrar may attempt to charge you to reactivate it).
  • Submit the request via the SSL Order Form within your Customer Portal.
  • Order your SSL several days before actually going live in case there are unforeseen issues.

Managing an SSL Certificate

If you wish to make changes to your SSL certificate before it expires, such as updating the domain name or WHOIS information or switching the SSL certificate to a new server/host, you must request to have the certificate reissued. After the SSL has been reissued, re-installation is required. If you did not order the domain from HostGator, there is a $10 installation fee.

If you purchased an SSL from HostGator, the reissue fee is $25 for both the Sectigo SSL (the $99.99 per year certificate) and the Positive SSL (the $39.99 introductory price and renews at $69.99 per year certificate), and re-installation is free.

If you purchased an SSL from a different company, that company would process the reissue, and HostGator will reinstall the SSL for a $10 fee.

Note: For the free Positive SSL provided with Business and Windows Enterprise packages, we allow one domain change within the first 30 days at no charge. After 30 days or after one re-issue, there will be a $25 re-issue fee.

Renewing an SSL Certificate

When it is time to renew an SSL certificate, you must purchase and install a new certificate; this applies to reissued certificates as well. When you renew your SSL certificate, you will need a new CSR. When the SSL certificate is issued, you will receive three different groups of alphanumeric data sent from the certificate provider:

  • The SSL certificate
  • The RSA key
  • A CA bundle (possibly)

If you purchase an SSL certificate from HostGator, we will install it for free. If you purchase an SSL certificate from a different company, we can install it for a $10 fee.

If you do not wish to renew an SSL certificate, allow it to expire.

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