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Plesk Getting Started

The series of articles below are designed to get you started with the Plesk Control Panel. At the time of this writing, Windows Shared plans comes with Plesk 11.5, and Windows Dedicated Servers come with Plesk 12.5.

Part 1: How to Login and Preview

In this article we discuss how to login to your Plesk Control Panel, as well provide the URLs to preview your website and access your email.

Part 2: Customer Control Panel Overview

This article gives you an overview of the Plesk Control Panel.

Part 3: Creating a Service Plan

Service plans represent a particular business offer. The service plan defines the allocation of your resources, such as how much disk space, bandwidth, and other features are offered to your customer. The service plan also indicates whether your customer is a website owner or a reseller of hosting.

  • What is a service plan?
  • How to create a service plan

Part 4: Creating a Subscription

A subscription is an instance of a service plan assigned to a reseller or customer account, much like creating a new cPanel account in WHM and assigning a Package to it. In other words, a subscription is an agreement which allows one to use the resources and services of a service plan in order to run websites and possibly resell them.

  • What is a subscription?
  • About subscriptions
  • How to create a subscription

Part 5: How to Create Email Accounts

How to set up email accounts in Plesk.

Part 6: How to Access Webmail

How to access your email via webmail in Plesk.