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How To Create Email Accounts - Plesk


The following steps will allow you to create new email accounts in Plesk:

Note: This example is using Plesk 17.8.11; however, the steps will be similar for other versions of Plesk.
  1. Login to Plesk.
  2. If using your admin login, under Hosting Services, select Domains and click the link to Manage in Customer Panel (Control Panel link).
  3. Select Mail in the left-hand menu.
    Windows Plesk Mail Menu
  4. Click the Create Email Address button.
    Windows Plesk Create Email Address Button
  5. Enter a name for this Email address.
    Windows Plesk Create Email Address
  6. If more than one (1) domain is listed in the account, select the desired domain name from the drop-down.
  7. Check the box to grant the email Access to the Customer Panel.
    Windows Plesk New Email Setting to Allow Access to the Customer Panel
  8. Create or generate a password for the email account.
    Windows Plesk Create Email Password
  9. Specify the mailbox size limit (25 MB is a good start) or opt to use the default size.
    Windows Plesk Set Email Size
  10. (Optional) Create a description for the email that will be visible to everyone who has access to that email account.
    Optional Windows Plesk Email Description
  11. Click the OK button to finish.
    Windows Plesk OK Button
Note: In July 2019, Windows Dedicated Servers by default will have MailEnable Standard installed. Windows Dedicated Servers prior to July 2019 will have SmarterMail. If your Windows Dedicated Server has SmarterMail, it is possible to create email accounts directly within SmarterMail. Please note that all email accounts should be created within Plesk for proper synchronization of settings. Any email accounts created outside of Plesk may not be supported by our Windows Administration.