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How to Log In and Preview - Plesk

The following information and instructions are applicable to Plesk 11 and higher.

When you signed up for a Windows Dedicated Server with Plesk web hosting, the link to your Plesk login page, along with your username and password, was emailed to you.

If you would like your welcome email resent again, which contains your login details, please contact HostGator support.

Basic URL Information

Be sure to replace server-IP and domain.com with the actual values.
Secure Login Page:

Plesk username: admin


Site Preview URL*:


POP/SMTP Server:

How to Log Into Plesk

After you signed up and paid for your hosting, you were sent a link in your new account email. Inside the email is a link to your Plesk login page and your Plesk password.

  1. Click the link in your email or type it into your browser.
  2. Your username is admin.
  3. Type your password exactly as it appears. If you copy and paste the password, be careful not to copy any extra blank spaces (this is common mistake when copying and pasting passwords).
  4. Leave the Interface Language as default or change it to your preferred language.
  5. Click Log in.

*Site Preview on Windows Dedicated Servers

Site Preview may not be pre-configured on Windows Dedicated Servers; and you may need to turn on the Quick Preview feature, which is not enabled by default, prior to use.

Note: Windows Shared Hosting with Plesk is pre-configured with the Site Preview option enabled.

To turn on Site Preview:

  1. Navigate to Tools & Settings.
  2. Select the Website Preview Settings option.
  3. Click on the Create New Domain link.
  4. Go back to Tools & Settings.
  5. Select the new domain from the drop-down menu to enable the Quick Preview for the new domain name.

For additional information, please read the following article: