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How to Use the File Manager - Plesk

The file manager is used to upload, remove and organize all website files.

1. Click Websites and Domains
Web sites and       Domains

2. Choose File Manager
File Manager
** TIP ** Main website files are stored in Httpdocs directory.

To Add and Remove a Directory
1. To create a new directory click "Add New Directory" icon
            Add new directory
2. Type in the directory name and click OK. This creates the directory and will automatically direct you inside it.
3. To go back to the Parent Directory click on the ".." icon
             Back dir
4. Clicking this icon Edit Folder option allows you to edit the folder. Lets click on it...
5. Change the directory name and click OK
Change Dir Name
6. If you need to remove a directory click the check box and hit remove
                Remove Dir

7. Check the confirm removal check box and press OK
                Confirm Removal
To Add a New File
1. Click "Add New File" icon
             Add New File
2. Select Upload a file to upload and Create a file to make a new file
        Upload Create

3. Click Choose File

4. Browse for a file you want to upload and click Open and then OK
To Change the File Permissions
1. Click on the Change Perms Link
2. Set which groups of users will be able to read, write and execute the file and click OK Change Perms

To Delete a File
1. Select a file by clicking on the check box to the left of it.
2. Click the Remove icon. Remove Icon
3. Select "Confirm Removal" and click OK