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Quick Answers to Common Support Questions

At HostGator, we are responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation to ensure we meet our customers' needs while providing for the health and safety of our employees.

During this time, you may experience slower wait times when you contact customer support.

But, our knowledge base has answers to many common questions —  and without the wait.  

Need help with your site?

Here are some of our common requests and quick tips to get you started… 

Account Issues

  • Log in to the Customer Portal – From here, you can access cPanel and everything else. 
  • DNS records – Already own a domain? Connect your domain to your hosting package by setting your name servers. Here’s how. 
  • Change your DNS or name servers – If you have an existing domain, your domain name needs to be configured to work with your new hosting account. Follow the instructions here to connect your name servers with your HostGator account.
  • How to find your name server – Not sure what your name server is? Or if you need to change it? Read more about name servers and how to find your name server. 
  • Email issues – Are you able to send emails but can’t receive them? Here are some troubleshooting steps. 
  • Transfer a domain – Ready to transfer your domain to HostGator? We recommend keeping your domain and hosting package with the same company. It just makes everything more manageable in the long run. Follow the steps in this article.
  • Install your free SSL – An SSL certificate helps protect information that is passed from your website to the server. So when someone enters a credit card or fills out a form, that information will be protected. HostGator offers a free SSL certificate for all web hosting packages, and we have upgraded Positive or EV SSL Certificates for purchase. 



  • How to Use cPanel – New to HostGator? Here’s a quick guide on how to use cPanel to manage your account. Email accounts, domain names, and more…
  • How to use the customer portal – Check out this webinar on how to navigate the customer portal with common tasks like setting up email. 
  • cPanel File Manager – How to upload a file using the file manager


Getting a website error message? Here’s how to fix common errors…

PHP Error Messages

Everything WordPress… 

  • Quick install WordPress from cPanel – Quick install WordPress from cPanel – P.S. This is the quickest route! Install WordPress on your shared hosting package. 
  • Install WordPress manually – If you have issues with QuickInstall, for some reason…This might be helpful for our more advanced hosting packages like dedicated servers, resellers, or VPS. 
  • Get started with themes & layouts – Follow this guide to learn how to choose and install a WordPress design theme and get your WordPress site going! 
  • WordPress 101 webinar – Using the extra time to build your first WordPress website? Watch this webinar for a guided tour of the dashboard and a rundown of what you need to do to launch your first WordPress site.