Guide to Web Host Manager Complete Solution

WHMCS allows you to manage your web hosting business and includes client management, billing & support functionality. The best part of WHMCS is that it automates much of your business and can be used for products and services beyond web hosting, such as web development or graphic design.

A Starter-level WHMCS license is included FREE with HostGator's Reseller Packages and Dedicated Hosting Plans.

VPS customers can obtain a Starter-level WHMCS license from HostGator for $5 per month, which can be requested via phone or Live Chat.

Note: The basic version of WHMCS provided with your HostGator account can be enhanced by purchasing addons directly from WHMCS. These addons include removing WHMCS branding, iPhone and Android apps for remote management, and more.  These addons are purchased and managed through WHMCS. HostGator does not sell or support these addons.

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The articles below can assist you in obtaining your free license and setting up WHMCS.


Obtaining WHMCS

Installing WHMCS

WHMCS Setup & Configuration



Additional Resources

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