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How to Install WHMCS


How To Obtain a WHMCS License

To install WHMCS, you must first obtain a WHMCS License. HostGator Reseller and Dedicated Hosting plans include a FREE WHMCS license which can be obtained here.

Note: Your domain name must resolve to your hosting account before it will let you request your license. Usually, this means changing the name servers for your domain to our name servers at the registrar.

VPS customers can obtain a WHMCS license from HostGator for $5 per month. The license can be requested via phone or Live Chat.

The WHMCS license offered from HostGator is only valid if WHMCS is installed on your HostGator reseller account, VPS, or Dedicated hosting plans. You may also purchase a license directly from WHMCS if you do not have a reseller plan, VPS, or dedicated hosting with us.

How To Install WHMCS

There are several methods on how to install WHMCS.

via Softaculous

You can easily install WHMCS using the Softaculous application of your cPanel. Please see below for the instructions.

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Look for the Software section, then click the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.

    cPanel - Softaculous

  3. Using the search bar on the top left menu, search for WHMCS.
  4. On the WHMCS page, click the Install tab.

    Softaculous - Install WHMCS

  5. Fill out the installation form.

    WHMCS - Installation form

  6. Once done filling out the necessary fields, click Install at the bottom page.

Congratulations! WHMCS is now set up.

Via QuickInstall

While installing WHMCS via Softaculous is strongly recommended, you also have the option to use QuickInstall, if it is still available in your cPanel.

How To Install WHMCS via QuickInstall (Video)

Here is a video tutorial to guide you in installing WHMCS via QuickInstall.

Via Manual Installation

If you prefer using the manual method of installation, you need to download WHMCS from https://www.whmcs.com/members/clientarea.php. You may visit this article for detailed instructions.

Need further assistance? Please do contact us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist you!