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WHM AutoPilot vs. WHM CompleteSolution (WHMCS)

WHM CompleteSolution (WHMCS)

WHMCS has all of the same features as WHM AutoPilot (automatic billing, automatic account creation, and built-in help desk), but is newer and offers more solutions for billing management needs such as:

  • Automated, recurring billing
  • Automated account creation, suspension and termination
  • Integrated client support center, including support tickets and a knowledge base
  • Payment tracking and statistical reports
  • Multi-language support for control panel and email
  • Customizable control panel using templates
For more information on WHMCS or to sign up, please refer to the following links:

WHM AutoPilot

Note: HostGator no longer provides support for WHM AutoPilot, or provides installations of this software. We recommend the use of WHMCS for a complete solution.