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WHMCS Configuring Currencies

Getting Started

Here is an external video guide that can help you set up Currencies in WHMCS.

  1. Start by clicking the Setup tab from the top menu.
  2. Hover over Payments, then click Currencies.
  3. On the Currencies page, you will see a list of all available currencies currently configured and will be able to add new currencies ⤵ or edit the available currencies⤵.

Adding a Currency

When adding a currency, you will want to fill in the Currency Code, Prefix, Suffix, Format, and Base Conversion Rate.

  • Currency Code: This will just be the code of the currency (i.e., USD, GBP, EUR, etc.)
  • Prefix: This will be what you want showing before the price (most commonly the currency symbol) and can be text only.
  • Suffix: This will be what you want to be shown after the price (most commonly the Currency Code but can also be left blank).
  • Format: This will be the display format for the amounts in this currency.
  • Base Conversion Rate: This will be the value an amount in this currency needs to be divided by to convert to your base currency.

Select the Add Currency button, and your new currency will appear in the Currencies list.

Editing a Currency

  1. Select your currency from the Currencies list and select the Edit icon.
  2. You will be redirected to a screen where you can edit the currency values.
  3. Edit any currency values you would like to edit (i.e., Base Conversion Rate as this regularly fluctuates)
  4. Tick the Update Pricing checkbox so your new rate will be updated.
  5. Then select the Save Changes button.

Additional Information

In addition to manually adjusting the rates, you can have WHMCS automatically update the base conversion rates using the values from the European Central Bank by clicking the Update Exchange Rates button under the Currencies list.

Once you have automatically updated the exchange rates, you can select the Update Product Prices button to update your pricing.

Your Currencies are now setup.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us via phone or Live Chat.