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WHMCS Addons


The default WHMCS installation available through HostGator includes tools for client management, billing & support.
The functionality of WHMCS can be extended in multiple ways through Addons, of which several are listed below.

Some of these Addons, including Branding Removal, are only visible when you login into your WHMCS administration panel and are not listed publicly on their website (since they only apply to certain types of licenses.)

Note: WHMCS is branded by default with the WHMCS logo, and this can only be removed via the Branding Removal purchase. You must purchase this and other addons directly from WHMCS Ltd. at whmcs.com or via your administration panel. HostGator does not sell or support WHMCS addons.

As a courtesy, here are some examples of  addons offered by WHMCS:

  • Branding Removal - Add this to hide the "Powered by WHMCS" line in the client area. ($5.00 USD per month)
  • Android App - WHMCS for Android devices so you can manage your business from any Android powered phone. ($34.95 USD, one time charge.)
  • iPhone App - WHMCS for the Apple iPhone so you can manage your business on the move. ($39.95 USD, one time charge.)
  • Project Management - Add this to hide the "Powered by WHMCS" line in the client area. ($99.95 USD, one time charge, lifetime updates.)
  • Customizable Package Addon - Used to automate cPanel account creation with custom features and/or limits chosen by client. ($69.95 USD, one time charge.)
  • Licensing Addon - Used for licensing your own software applications using WHMCS. ($99.95 USD, one time charge.)
  • Live Chat Addon - A live chat and visitor monitoring solution for WHMCS. Branded and non-branded options, monthly and lifetime licenses available.(Starting at $6.95 USD per month.)
  • Mobile Edition - A slimmed down, low-graphics version for basic management while on the move. ($29.95 USD, one time charge.)
Note: The prices listed above are determined by WHMCS Ltd. and are subject to change. They are listed here for your convenience and were accurate at the time of posting. WHMCS determines pricing for WHMCS addons. Prices provided directly by WHMCS (via your administation panel or the WHMCS website) are authoritative and override prices given in this article in case of any discrepancy.