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WHMCS Verfication Failure

Your HostGator Reseller Account or Linux Dedicated Server includes a FREE license for WHMCS, which can be obtained at: www.whmcs.com/hostgator

VPS customers can obtain a WHMCS license from HostGator for $5 per month, which can be requested via phone or Live Chat.

If your domain name does not resolve to (i.e. does not point to) the reseller account, VPS or dedicated server yet, you may get a "Verification Failure" message similar to the one below.

Verification Failure

The domain you entered points to which does not appear to be part of the HostGator network. This can be caused by being on a dedicated IP, dedicated server or an IP HostGator have not yet added to the system. If you feel this message to be an error, please contact HostGator support along with your IP for assistance.

In order for you to request your license, you will need to change your DNS or name servers so that your domain resolves to your HostGator account.

If you have already changed your DNS or name servers, and waited 24 to 48 hours for the DNS change to propagate worldwide, and still get that error, please contact HostGator support via phone or Live Chat so we may resolve the issue for you.

Please Note:

The WHMCS license offered from HostGator is only valid if WHMCS is installed on your HostGator reseller account, VPS or Linux dedicated server. You may purchase a license directly from WHMCS if you do not have a reseller plan, VPS or dedicated server.

Should you choose to change hosting providers and wish to continue use of your WHMCS installation hosted on another provider, a license would need to be purchased directly from WHMCS as the HostGator provided license would no longer be valid.

Also, there is a limit of one (1) free or discounted WHMCS license per customer. Additional licenses need to be purchased directly from WHMCS.