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VPS General Information

A VPS is best for installing custom software, creating custom configurations, sending emails without shared server limitations, and hosting live streaming media. However, HostGator does not recommend obtaining a VPS account as a resource-intensive account or heavy traffic solution.

As of April 13, 2021, we upgraded our VPS platform to a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). All VPS packages from this date will be provisioned on the KVM platform. It is a more modern, robust, open-source virtualization technology built into Linux. Our KVM VPS packages will provide more control, updated tooling, and the ability to use more current operating systems in the future.

What Do You Have - KVM VPS or Legacy VPS?

To see if you are on a KVM VPS or Legacy VPS, you will need to locate your package ID within the Customer Portal. Below is an example of going to the Hosting section and clicking Manage for your VPS package. If the package ID starts with VH, you're on a new KVM VPS! If it starts with VPS, you are on a Legacy VPS.

KVM VPS vs Legacy VPS

This article will go over the following and make any callouts between the KVM and Legacy VPS packages.

VPS Features

How Many Cores Does Each VPS Plan Get?

VPS plans have different numbers of cores available:

  • Snappy 2000 - 2 cores
  • Snappy 4000 - 2 cores
  • Snappy 8000 - 4 cores


Server Process Limitations

There is no enforced limit for the number of simultaneous processes you may run on a VPS. You may use 100% of the resources defined by your plan. If you are having issues with being limited on processes with your VPS, please see the following article:




Just like Dedicated servers, we do not maintain backups for the KVM VPS. You do have the ability to set up backups with WHM and cPanel.

Here are some helpful resources on how to do this:


Legacy VPS

Customer accounts get weekly backups. However, we strongly suggest you set up backups in WHM.


VPS Container Reboot


For the new KVM VPS, you can Request Server Reboot directly in the Customer Portal.

To request a server reboot for your KVM VPS:

  1. Log in to Customer Portal.
  2. Click Hosting from the left menu.

    Customer Portal - Hosting Tab

  3. Locate your KVM VPS package, then click Manage.

    KVM VPS - Manage

  4. Under the Settings tab, click on the Request Server Reboot button to initiate the reboot.

    KVM VPS - Request Server Reboot


Legacy VPS

You can stop and start your container. The method you’ll use depends on which VPS type you have.

If you have a legacy VPS, then you can choose from these methods: 

If you have a legacy VPS with a Virtuozzo Power Panel, you can follow any of the above methods or follow the directions for Restarting from the VZ Control Panel [VPS].

The VZ control panel is attached to the hardware node so that problems on your VPS will not prevent you from getting into your VZ control panel.

Managed VPS users can also have their container restarted by contacting HostGator and making the request via live phone or chat.



VPS users are not affected by other VPS users being put on a blacklist.


Supported Application Templates and Managed Applications

Currently, FFmpeg is available for managed VPS accounts with cPanel, Snappy 2000, or higher. The installation of FFmpeg can be requested by contacting us via phone or chat. For more information about FFmpeg availability and installation requirements, please see the following article:

Billing Information

Customer Portal 

To access your billing account for your VPS, please use the following URL to access your Customer Portal:


Upgrade/Downgrade Options

We have online instructions below for upgrading or downgrading between different VPS levels.


You can upgrade or downgrade your KVM VPS within your Customer Portal. Please visit these articles for the instructions.

Legacy VPS

If cPanel is being added to the VPS, HostGator can leave the old container active to migrate files to the new VPS container. The old VPS container must be canceled when the migration process is complete to prevent further billing.

Control Panel Changes

HostGator offers cPanel only at this time as a control panel. We no longer add a cPanel license to an existing VPS package. Customers must purchase a VPS with cPanel to have it installed.

Special Services and Available Software


Starting December 4, 2019, Softaculous comes pre-installed within cPanel for managed VPS accounts. This auto-installer application will be replacing QuickInstall. Softaculous will offer numerous various script applications.


Ordering a Dedicated IP Address

Your VPS will come with two (2) dedicated IP addresses automatically. If you need more, due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, HostGator is now required to request justification for dedicated IP address requests. To request a dedicated IP, please follow the steps in this article about Dedicated IP Addresses.



HostGator offers a WHMCS license for VPS for $5/month. To obtain a license, please use the steps in Obtaining Your Free License for WHMCS