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VPS Operating System

CentOS 7

Currently, we are offering CentOS 7 to all VPS plans. When you order a VPS, CentOS 7 is installed by default. There are no Windows or BSD VPS plans.

When you purchase a VPS account, you may select to have cPanel installed or not. VPS hosting with cPanel is considered fully managed and includes support for server-related issues. VPS hosting with no cPanel is considered semi-managed and comes with limited support from HostGator.

Other Operating Systems

We offer a few alternate Linux distribution choices for VPS; however, these offerings do not have control panels and will not receive the full support offered to standard VPS plans. Persons seeking to use these distributions should be experienced Administrators or have one in their employ.

Please contact us via phone or Live Chat to request information regarding currently available Linux distributions.

Requesting a VPS with an Alternate Linux Distribution

Customers who are interested in an alternate Linux distribution should order a VPS with no control panel. Once you have completed your order, please contact us via phone or Live Chat stating which of the distributions you would like and the domain name associated with the VPS you wish to install it on.

Important Notes:

  • cPanel only works with CentOS.
  • VPS hosting with alternative operating systems is considered semi-managed and comes with limited support from HostGator.