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Special Offers


As a user of HostGator hosting, we provide you with access to some  tools to help you build the site of your dreams:

Included Free With Every Account

Here is a collection of tools and bonuses that we provide free to every HostGator account owner:

Use a Content Management System Installation

Another popular method of building a website is by using a CMS or Content Management System. This lets users create websites by means of installing a program onto the root document of a domain, allowing the editing to be done by an admin user.

HostGator is compatible with a variety of Content Management Systems and blogging software, most of which can be installed using our one-click installer, Softaculous, or QuickInstall (Note: QuickInstall will be going away). Softaculous and QuickInstall are available in the Software section of cPanel.

For a comprehensive list of what is available, please refer to the following article:

Become an Affiliate With HostGator

Once your website has been created, you can refer your friends and get paid by HostGator for each referral. For more details on how this program works, please refer to the following link:

Special Offers for Useful Products and Services

By partnering with several companies, HostGator is able to provide discounts on services that meet many of the overlapping needs of customers who demand a lot from their hosting service. Some of these offers we've already suggested in previous articles in this series.

HostGator is proud to offer these special offers to enhance your web hosting experience:

Don't forget to take advantage of the online advertising credits you get for free with your shared hosting package:

After making it through this whole guide, give yourself a pat on the back. You should be ready to rock the online world and build something online that can last for years as your needs grow and change! Always remember, we are here to help:

Have further questions? Speak to one of our Security Specialists at 855-426-0520. You can also visit our website hostgator.com/sitelock.

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