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Get Your Website Running


Whether you are starting fresh with a new site or have an existing website and are transferring it over, we have guides that are specific to your needs. First you'll need to know how to access your account before your domain is configured:

Then you will want specific steps for how to get your website onto your server based on the type of website you want and experience you have:

Accessing Your Account

In order to access certain parts of your account prior to the configuring your domain, and during propagation of domain configuration changes, you will need to use a different URL that does not utilize the domain name. The URLs listed below use the server's IP.

Website URL


cPanel URL


Webmail URL

Please note that the server-name and server-ip-address portions of the URLs above need to be replaced with the proper values. The server IP can be located in the welcome email you received from HostGator after purchasing hosting.

Get Your Website Online

You have several different options for getting your site online, depending on what your experience is, and whether or not you have a website you want to transfer over to our services:

HostGator Design Services

Having a good website that meets the needs of your visitors takes time, effort, and knowledge. Your time is valuable, if you want to get online with a professional site without all the guides and effort, HostGator offers design services to do all of this for you:

We'll build a site for you that's easy to maintain and takes care of all the details for getting started.

Transfer an Existing Site

If you've built a website before, you may wish to transfer it to your new hosting package. If you'd like for us to do this for you, we offer one free transfer with your new hosting package. This may be either a manual transfer of a single site or a full cPanel transfer.

For more detailed information, read our complete primer on website transfers here:

Our web transfer form is available here:

For specialized instructions for how to use the website transfer form, check out our help article below:

Intermediate Users: Mojo Marketplace and CMS Software

If you have spent time building websites before, you're probably familiar with the benefits of using CMS software such as WordPress for developing your site. You may even be migrating from wordpress.com to have more control over your hosting environment.

Installing WordPress or other CMS software is easy and fast using our QuickInstall tool, and to really help your site development skyrocket we have partnered with MOJO Marketplace to help you with purchasing themes, graphics, logos, and more!

Use the links below to get started with MOJO Marketplace and the CMS of your choice:

Advanced Users: Server Specifications

If all you need to get started is the specifications for what software is installed and how to access your files and databases, here's where you can find exactly what you're looking for:

Shared Hosting Startup Guide