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Secure Customer Data & Payments With SSL

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  • Improved customer confidence in your website.
  • Highest Encryption at our lowest possible cost.
  • Warrantied from
    $10,000 to $1.75M.
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Why get an
SSL certificate?

An SSL reduces your risk by keeping sensitive data collected on your website safe. The data is encrypted and backed by a warranty worth up to $1.75M.

Having HTTPS in the address bar and displaying a seal of trust increases customer confidence in your website and drives more sales.

Why get an SSL certificate

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Protection & Google Ranking

Perfect for businesses, organizations and blogs where identity information needs to be protected, this SSL provides basic encryption shown by the "https" in the address bar.

Domain Validated SSL

Protection & Google Ranking


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  • Customer data protection
  • $10,000 warranty
  • May boost Google ranking


Critical for E-Commerce sites and valuable for any website looking to grow traffic and increase conversions including both web form registrations and sales.

Extended Validated SSL



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  • Enhanced e-commerce conversion
  • Green "trust" visual bar
  • Customer data protection
  • $1,750,000 warranty
  • May boost Google ranking
Need a Wildcard or Multi-Domain SSL? Click here! All plans include full PCI compliance, mobile device compatibility,
45 Day Guarantee, 24/7/365 live support.

Boost Your
Google Rankings

Good news. Google says that SSL security has a positive effect on its rankings:

"We're starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal... for sites (that) use secure, encrypted connections (and) we've seen positive results."

- Google Online Security Blog

Boost Your Google Ranking

Seal Of Trust

Every SSL certificates comes with a seal of trust a graphic representation that the site and user data is protected. Most web users know to look for a site seal, so it's important to have one. Seals vary in appearance to reflect the differences between certs.

Backed By Warranty

We got your back. All SSL certificates come with at least $10,000 warranties and go up to $1.75M depending on the SSL certificate chosen.

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*Domain Validated and Extended Validation Certificates will automatically renew at prices found in your control panel. Please note that a domain name is required to utilize all SSL Certificates.