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Shared Hosting - Getting Started


Welcome to HostGator! Congratulations on signing up for a Shared hosting account. Getting started can be intimidating, so we have built a database of guides and tools (such as Weebly site builder) to make this as simple as possible.

A website that meets your needs takes time, effort, and knowledge. Your time is valuable; for a professional site without the guides and effort, HostGator offers design services to do all of this for you:

We'll build a site for you that's easy to maintain and takes care of all the details for getting started.

This series of guides will help both beginners and experts get started with getting a website online:

Start here for tools to make your first website, transfer an existing site, resources for building a good intermediate website, or for server specifications for advanced users.

This guide provides information for managing your domain and using it to display the website on your server.

This guide provides all the information you need to get started using email, either through Google apps or right from your own server using webmail.

Here you'll find a collection of resources for billing and support system that allows you to manage everything related to your HostGator account.

Check here for information on regular site backups and malware protection, getting started selling products online and accepting payment, helping visitors find your website, and more.

Check out these special offers, extras, and bonuses that we include with every single shared hosting account. Use this guide to be sure you're getting the most value from your hosting package.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please take advantage of all of our tools for support:

Shared Hosting Startup Guide