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Will my Existing Email Accounts be Migrated over too?


If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and migrates to a HostGator account with cPanel, we can migrate your current email boxes and messages.

HostGator offers FREE professional website migration services for new accounts on Shared Business, Cloud, WordPress, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated hosting or an upgrade to these accounts that may require a server move within 30 days of signup or upgrade. If you are not on one of these plans and/or need assistance migrating your site from another hosting provider, we will gladly offer a quote for the site migration.

If your previous hosting company did NOT use cPanel, we recommend you archive your old emails and create new mailboxes with the same names in the cPanel of your new HostGator package.

If you migrate to HostGator from a non-cPanel account, we cannot guarantee that we can migrate your email. For more information, see:

HostGator servers that come with or have the option to install cPanel:

  • Shared Hosting (Hatchling, Baby, Business)
  • Reseller Hosting (Aluminum through Diamond)
  • VPS Hosting(Levels 1000 through 8000)
  • Linux Dedicated Servers
HostGator servers that come with Plesk:
  • Windows Shared Hosting (Personal and Enterprise)
  • Windows Dedicated Servers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I archive my emails?

The fastest method is to set up a POP3 connection via Outlook or another mail client. POP3 connections are designed to save every email received to your computer (and can also be set to save copies on your server.)

For more information, see:

How and when should I set up my email at HostGator when migrating?

If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and your HostGator hosting account has cPanel, and we migrate your website and email for you, then the accounts and email will be configured for you.

If your previous host does not use cPanel, you will need to create new email accounts in your new HostGator cPanel.

We recommended that you set up your new email accounts as soon as you can log in to your HostGator cPanel. This article will show you how:

Be sure that all email accounts are created before changing nameservers or DNS. Failure to do so may result in lost, "bounced," or unreceived emails.
Need additional assistance? Please contact us via phone or chat so we can assist! HostGator's Support is here to help.