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What does Semi-Managed mean?


For our Virtual Private Servers that do not include a web hosting control panel (cPanel or Plesk) we currently offer semi-managed support. Semi-Managed means that our administrators will handle any hardware, operating system, or basic configuration issues which may arise with your server. Some examples of issues our administrators will assist with on a semi-managed server may include but are not limited to:

  • Load issues or sluggishness.
  • Basic website related issues (Internal Server Errors, 404s, etc).
  • Network related problems.
  • Failure of server to restart.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Package install via package manager (yum,rpm).
  • Basic named configuration for 1-2 domains.
  • Troubleshooting pre existing configurations.
  • Basic task automation.
  • Basic firewall setup/troubleshooting. (iptables)
  • And more.


If you have a specific question or require clarification on something which is not listed here please contact us via phone or chat.