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Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Tools Overview


Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity workspace that helps groups connect and work from various locations and devices. This workspace is intended for easy setup and use and includes the following tools:

For information on how to activate the Google Workspace service, please refer to the following article:

Google Workspace Email

Google Workspace Email is a mail service provided by Google that supports POP3 and IMAP and can be used as a webmail client. It also supports almost all popular mail service options, such as mail forwarding, mail filtering, autoresponders, mail attachments, etc.

You can also import your address book from a CSV file and utilize the multi-language support, allowing your mail interface to be in your preferred language while still using text, voice, and video chat to connect through your inbox.

Google Workspace Email powerfully integrates with other apps to create a synergistic environment to leverage multiple tools at your fingertips.

Gmail vs. Google Workspace Email

The Gmail logo can be seen when accessing Google Workspace Email, but the two email services are different. The most important differences between Gmail and Google Workspace Email are as follows:

  • With Google Workspace Email, your email addresses use your domain name, not @gmail.com; Thus, you can have an email address like [email protected].
  • Unlike Gmail, in Google Workspace Email, your usernames can have dashes (-). So, you can have [email protected].
  • To retrieve a lost Google Workspace Email password, you must contact your email administrator (the account owner).

For help using Google Workspace Email, please read the following article:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a calendar web application provided by Google that allows users to view, create and manage calendar events. Google Calendar supports drag-and-drop, so you can easily move your events from one date to another without reloading the page.

Google Calendar supports various view modes, including daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. Users can also Quick Add calendar events and set the number of days/weeks to show in their custom view mode. Calendars can even be embedded into your websites or have appointment slots available for customers to choose from.

Google Drive

Formerly known as Google Docs, this feature of the Workspace allows users to create, share and modify work documents in a collaborative environment. Drive allows users to create word-processing documents, slideshow presentations, spreadsheets, and form applications from one place.

Documents can be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users simultaneously. In addition, documents are available for download to the local computer in various formats.

The following formats are allowed for upload:

  • Document file types: .html, .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .sxw
  • Presentation file types: .ppt, .pps
  • Spreadsheet file types: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .ods

Google Meet and Google Chat

With today's growing importance of working from home or the office and still having group meetings with colleagues in different locations, Google Meet is designed with you in mind. Meet provides a robust app that allows those working from home, office, meeting rooms, and even external participants the ability to join in a video meeting.

A Google Meet can be scheduled on your Google Calendar, started from your Google Workspace Mail, and can even be used to collaborate on Google Drive files. When chatting with a colleague on a project, you can quickly add a Meet to the chat and hop on a video conference call.

Make communicating with others in your organization easier with Google Meet and Google Chat!

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