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What is G Suite?


G Suite

G Suite is a seamless integration of Google's Business platform, including Google Email, Docs, Analytics, and much more! Get started today, now available monthly letting you get started for as low as $6 per month!

G Suite boasts a wide variety of intuitive tools for your business that works in conjunction with a variety of software applications to bring you a slew of additional features. You can find the following Google products within your web hosting control panel:










Ready, Set, Google!

G Suite puts the power of speed and innovation in your hands as a cost-effective solution to high priced IT configurations. With robust backend management and streamlined administration, you can create and modify users at any time, from any location. These applications facilitate collaboration across operating systems, browsers, and devices. Multiple creators can work together in real-time on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets for internal or external publications.

Create and attend online meetings with Google Hangouts *Chat using video and calendar integration, allowing you to adjust your schedule on the fly quickly. You can even participate in screen sharing and integrated chat features without video conferencing equipment.

Over 5 million businesses entrust their email services to Google to operate and function on a global platform. Gmail offers easy task management and promotes efficiency with innovations in the inbox organization. A 99.9% uptime guarantee backs this service and is paired with exceptional 24-hour technical support via phone, chat, and email.

Getting Started

Bring the power and scale of Google into your company with flawless performance combined with an uninterrupted workflow. Starting services is now smoother than ever with our onboarding experience. You can easily verify your domain name and even migrate your consumer Gmail account into your new G Suite platform.

G Suite Ordering

HostGator customers can enable this service from within their Customer Portal:

Click the link below which contains to toggle ordering instructions.
  1. Log into your Billing Portal.
    For more information, check out our article here:
  2. Once logged in, click Marketplace in the left-hand sidebar

    Marketplace Link

  3. Next, search for and click the Add button under G Suite.

    Marketplace Dashboard

    Note: You may also click Hosting and then select Manage under the hosting package you would like to add G Suite to:

    Hosting Package Dashboard

    Either option above will open a page with information about what G Suite has to offer.

  4. To begin the ordering process, click on Get Started!:

    G Suite Order Page

  5. In the next stage, select the number of licenses desired and your preferred billing cycle:

    G Suite for business

  6. Next, choose either: Use a Credit Card on File or Use New Credit Card for this order, then make sure to check the box to confirm you have read the terms and conditions, and click Make Payment to place your order.

    Manage G Sute Marketplace

  7. After purchasing G Suite, you may access the G Suite dashboard by clicking on Marketplace, then by clicking Manage under the G Suite icon:

    Manage G Sute Marketplace

  8. The first time you access your dashboard, you will be prompted to select the domain name to use with apps as well as your administrator and contact information:
    • You may choose any domain installed on your hosting package from the G Suite Domain dropdown. If you do not see your preferred domain here, it will need to be installed on your cPanel.
    • You must use an email address ending with @example.com for your Admin Email.
    • Your Alternate Email cannot use the same domain as your Admin Email.

    G Suite Information

You can find additional information as to the necessary steps to verify your domain, update the CNAME, and modify your MX entry using the following tutorials:

Note: In addition to the steps above you can now buy G Suite directly from our registration form as an addon with a new hosting package, as well as getting started from right inside of your cPanel:


Get G Suite with a new hosting package today:

Sign up Now!

Feature List and Pricing

G Suite
Monthly Price$6/month
Note: As of May 7, 2019, the price of G Suite increased from $5/month to $6/month.

G Suite includes the following:

  • Business email address (name@yourcompany.com)
  • Video and Voice Calls
  • Integrated online calendars
  • 30GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing
  • Online text documents, spreadsheets, and slides
  • Easy to create project sites
  • Security and admin controls
  • 24/7 phone, email, and chat support

Additional Resources

The list out below provides some of the commonly used plug-ins built for WordPress:

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Google Plug-ins:

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Shopping Cart Plug-ins:

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