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How to Transfer a G Suite Account

If you purchased your G Suite account elsewhere, you might be interested in transferring your account to HostGator for the superior service and consolidating your billing into fewer accounts. You can either directly transfer an existing G Suite account or delete your previous account and start over from the beginning at HostGator.

Transfer an Existing G Suite Account

To transfer your existing G Suite account to HostGator:

  1. Navigate to http://admin.google.com/TransferToken.
  2. Sign in with the administrator's username and password for the domain.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Under Enter Reseller's Public Identifier, enter the HostGator Reseller Identifier: C0382y3ag and then click Confirm Reseller Identifier.
  5. If HostGator is listed as the Reseller, then proceed by clicking Generate Transfer Token.
  6. Click Copy Code.
  7. When ordering G Suite, you will have an opportunity to enter the transfer token during Step 7 of the guide on the following page:
Note: 1When purchasing your new G Suite account with HostGator, you will need to buy the same number of seats as you had with your current active account to transfer correctly.

Once the order is completed, you will then be billed through your Customer Portal by HostGator instead of through the service you previously purchased G Suite. More information regarding this process is available here:

Delete Your Existing G Suite Account and Start Over

If you wish to delete your entire existing G Suite account and only export and retain some or none of your settings from G Suite, it is entirely possible to do so and then start over from the beginning. To delete your G Suite account:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Export any user data you want to save.
  3. Delete all users except for one administrator account.
  4. Remove all domains and domain aliases (except the primary domain).
  5. Disable the OAuth consumer key.

    To disable the OAuth consumer key:

    1. From your Dashboard, click the Security icon.
    2. Click Show More if Advanced Settings is not visible.
    3. Click Advanced Settings.
    4. Click Manage OAuth domain key.
    5. Uncheck Enable this consumer key if it is checked.
    6. Click Save Changes.
  6. Delete any Marketplace applications.
  7. Cancel your G Suite subscription and all other Google subscriptions associated with your domain.
    • After you cancel your subscriptions, you might be logged out of your account. If so, please log in again. The new Terms of Service will display.
    • You may need assistance from your current provider for help with this step.
  8. Request any refund of credit that remains after canceling your subscriptions.
  9. Download or print invoices you want to save.
  10. Delete your account.

    To delete your account:

    1. Navigate to the Company profile.
    2. Click Profile.
    3. Click Account deletion (This option is not available if you have not yet canceled your subscription.
  11. Click Continue.

After entirely deleting the Google account, you will purchase a new account from HostGator from scratch and only import data from your previous account as desired.