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Domain Troubleshooting

There may be a time when you notice that your website is still down after your domain registration or even after renewing your domain within your Customer Portal. Perhaps you got notified that your domain transfer to HostGator is already completed; however, you can't still see your site online. Did you just publish your website, but your site is nowhere to be found, or perhaps getting an error page when you try accessing it in your browser? There are many causes as to why these are happening. This article will provide you with the common possible causes and a list of helpful articles for troubleshooting these issues.

Basic Troubleshooting

One of the essential components of a website is your DNS records. It "connects" your domain to your website. If you're getting a site error page or your website is nowhere to be found online, you may want to check your DNS records. DNS records that are not properly set up or are not connecting to your domain are the most common causes of website issues. 

Please check out this article for the DNS troubleshooting checklist.

Here are helpful articles to guide you in setting up your DNS records. 

Done setting up your DNS records, but you still can't see your site? Your DNS records may still be undergoing propagation. To know more about propagation and how it works, please take a look at this article.

Let's see, so your DNS records are all set up, and it has been hours since you've updated your domain's DNS; however, the website you've worked hard for is nowhere to be found. The question is, are you sure you published your website after designing and configuring it?

You may want to click that little Publish button on your application so you can see the changes you made on your website, and hey, clearing your browser's cache won't hurt too.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Need a more advanced guide in DNS troubleshooting? You may want to visit these support guides.

Are you looking for articles to show you further troubleshooting steps to get your website up and working? Here are some that may help.

We have compiled our most popular domain-related articles into different series.

  • Domain Overview - Here is our consolidated guide of domain-related articles.
  • Domain How-To's - You may visit our go-to articles for domain management.
  • Domain Concepts - Learn more about domains and what you can do with them!
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