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Create Packages - Reseller Startup Guide


Part 3 of 9 of the Reseller Startup Guide

Your primary domain name comes preset with almost no space and bandwidth. After you create your hosting packages, you MUST upgrade your site to one of your newly created packages. The following video tutorial will walk you through this process.

To upgrade your account to a new package:

  1. Log into WHM (see helpful links in step 6).
  2. You will then need to create a package.
  3. Once you have successfully created a package, upgrade your account and select the appropriate package.
Never delete your main site with us. If you do, your Reseller account will no longer work.

Disk Space and Bandwidth Allocation

Please remember to be fair when allotting disk space and bandwidth (1 GB of disk space or bandwidth is equal to 1024 MB). A personal WordPress blog will need approximately 100 MB of bandwidth and 20 MB of disk space. If your clients are creating large sites or multiple sites, they may desire more space and bandwidth.

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