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Determine Your Needs - Reseller Startup Guide


Part 1 of 9 of the Reseller Startup Guide

Getting started with your web hosting account is not complicated. The first step is determine what you need to do.

Do you already have a web site (or more than one) or are you starting from scratch?

Starting from Scratch

If you're starting from scratch, proceed to:

Transferring Site(s) using HostGator's Content Transfer Service

Do you need to transfer your web site(s) from a previous host? If so, HostGator can help you with that. Simply fill out the form at: https://transfers.hostgator.com/ to have us transfer your site(s) for you.  HostGator will transfer the files for up to 30 domains for free within 30 days of signing up.  Please visit our article on Content Transfers for full details.

Once the transfer process is completed, proceed to:

Transferring Your Site(s) Yourself

If you decide to transfer one or more of your sites yourself, rather than use our content transfer service, it may be useful to go through this guide, although in a slightly different order.  Instead of changing the DNS now, you would do it after you uploaded your website(s).

If you are transferring the content yourself, skip Step 2 for now, and proceed to:

(We will come back to Step 2 later.)

Reseller Startup Guide
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