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Step 9: Manage Your Billing - Reseller Startup Guide


Part 9 of 9 of the Reseller Startup Guide

You will be billed automatically for your web hosting on the appropriate date after your purchase was completed (i.e. if you pay monthly, you will be billed monthly on the day of the month that you signed up). Please ensure that you have an updated credit card or PayPal billing agreement on file. If your bill is not paid in a timely manner, your service may be interrupted.

If you wish to cancel, upgrade, update information, get SSL certificates, IP addresses, or anything else related to billing, please go to our addons page. This web site lists all the information needed to proceed with those addons and steps.

To manage your billing, including to update your credit card, view invoices, change your primary email address, etc., please go to https://portal.hostgator.com/.

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