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ResellerClub - Getting Started

We now create a ResellerClub domain registration account for every new HostGator customer ordering a Reseller package. You may also opt to sign up for a ResellerClub account directly at https://www.resellerclub.com/domain-reseller/signup-now and keep the * account for free!

You will receive two emails with account details within 24 to 96 hours of creating your Reseller hosting account. If you still have not received the email, please contact us via phone or chat.

Your free ResellerClub account allows any HostGator reseller to register and manage domains for their clients. You can integrate your account with your WHMCS platform for seamless billing and invoicing. ResellerClub's bulk action tools allow you to easily register, manage and renew multiple domains at once.

*Products and pricing are subject to the ResellerClub account. Domains purchased within the ResellerClub will require you to update their name servers to HostGator. Please refer to What Are My Name Servers? on where to find your name servers in your HostGator account and the ResellerClub article, ResellerClub - Managing DNS Records, on how to update your domain's name servers.

Here is an index to our information on your ResellerClub service:

ResellerClub - Getting Started

ResellerClub - General Domain Management

ResellerClub - Bulk Actions


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