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ResellerClub - Registering Your First Domain

There are several ways you can go about registering your first domain. The two most common ways are either by single-domain registration or by bulk registration.

This article will walk you through the registration process for a single domain.

Note: These instructions will be for the more common standard top-level domains, such as .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .INFO, .ORG, etc. International and special-purpose TLDs may require additional registration details. 
For instruction on other TLDs, please refer to ResellerClub's knowledge base.

Registering a Single Domain

Note: You may have to click through ResellerClub popup boxes to get to the checkout page. Typically you may click the "No Thanks, proceed to checkout" link to move forward to checkout.
  1. After logging into your ResellerClub account, you may check the domain's availability by navigating through the Products Tab > Domain Registration > Check Availability.

  2. Alternatively, if you have already checked its availability, you can proceed to purchase the domain by clicking the orange “Buy” button in the upper-right corner.

  3. Once it comes up, you can enter the domain name (with TLD extension) into the search field and click "Go."

  4. ResellerClub will yield the search results and a list of other available domains that are similar.  Click the "Select" button adjacent to the domain you are registering, as well as the "Select" buttons next to any other domains you might be interested in registering.

  5. Once you have selected your domain(s), a total amount and a “Go to Cart” button will appear in green on the right.  Please click it to proceed.

  6. At Checkout, you will be asked to enter a customer username. If your customer already has a sub-account in the ResellerClub, it can be searched for by email address.

  7. If you have never created a customer sub-account in ResellerClub before, you will receive an error in pink that the email address cannot be found:

    Please make sure that you did not include any extra spaces, as that will cause you to get a false positive.

    If this is a new customer, you will need to create a new sub-account for them:

    Creating a Sub-account

    To create the customer's sub-account:

    • Click the blue “Create an Account in 10 Seconds” button to the right.

    • Proceed to set up the sub-account with your customer's details:

      The password created in this process will only need to be saved (and provided to the customer) if you intend to use ResellerClub's optional SuperSite. Otherwise, you would manage any domains from the ResellerClub back end using your ResellerClub logins. Thus the password is required to create the account, and is often never used again.)

    • Click on the Create Account button to create the new sub-account.
  8. Once you have created or entered the customer sub-account's email address, ResellerClub will now indicate that you are logged in as that sub-account.  As seen in the illustration below, once the sub-account for Doc Brown was set up, it now tells us, “Welcome Back, Doc Brown.”  

    Note: It will be possible to remain logged in as a previous customer. This will often prevent you from completing any tasks you might be working on without logging back in as the root user.
  9. Before you are done, there are a few more changes you can make before checking out. The things that can be done here are:
    • Click the silhouette icon   to update the contact details. This will not need to be done most of the time since you would have created the contact details when you had set up the sub-account.
    • Click the server rack icon to update and set your domain's DNS. Setting these before the domain is registered will help the DNS to propagate that much quicker.
    • Click the shield icon to enable or disable WHOIS protection.
    • The “Duration” can be adjusted from 1 year to 10 years. The maximum number of years a domain can be registered for at any given time (per ICANN) is 10 years. It can be renewed annually indefinitely, but the expiration date cannot exist further than 10 years in the future.
    • If you decide you no longer wish to register the domain, click the gray X button to the right.
  10. After you've made your final adjustments to the new domain registration, scroll down, and you'll see a few options on how to check out. If you have set up the optional SuperSite, you may instruct ResellerClub to keep the customer's invoices pending and have them log into their sub-account to make payment(s).

    Alternatively, if you are not using the SuperSite, once you have collected payment from the customer (we HIGHLY recommend that you receive payment before processing orders), toggle the 3rd option, “Activate Order(s) – Do not create customer's Invoice(s).” Please keep in mind that you will continue to invoice your customers manually through your reseller hosting account unless the SuperSite is set up. If you do not have your customers log into the ResellerClub to make payments, they will do so the same way they pay for their hosting.

  11. Once you click the “Process Order(s)” button, Reseller Center will display a page that informs you that the domain is registering and advises that you wait 10 seconds:

  12. Suppose for any reason the page does not redirect. In that case, you can click on the "click here if you are not automatically redirected" link, or you may also be able to 'search' for the domain through the ResellerClub interface.
  13. Once you can view your domain in ResellerClub, it is active and manageable. If you require registering private name servers, you can do so at this point.