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ResellerClub - Bulk Domain Transfers


The Bulk Domain Transfer tool can be used to simultaneously transfer multiple domain names to your ResellerClub account.

Before proceeding with any domain transfer you are advised to first check the following:
  1. Confirm if your domain name can be transferred.
  2. Check if you are required to obtain a Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization Code (EPP Key) for your domain name prior to placing a transfer request.

How to Transfer Domains In Bulk

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel.
  2. In the Menu, go to Products -> Bulk Tools and then click Bulk Transfer.
  3. Enter the email address of the customer under whom you wish to transfer the domain names.
  4. Enter values in their respective fields as explained below and proceed:
    • Domain Information: Enter each domain name on a separate line. Mention their respective Transfer Secret/Authorization Code on the same line as the domain name, separated by a comma.

      ResellerClub sends independent Transfer Request emails to the registrant contacts of all the domain names (except for .ca domain names), to confirm each of the transfers. Alternatively, if all the domain names are owned by the same registrant, you may choose to send your transfer authorization fax as a single letter, authorizing the transfer for all the names.
    • Contact Information: Select the appropriate Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts from the drop-down lists.
    • Product Agreement(s): It is compulsory for you to agree to the associated Product Agreement(s) by selecting the checkbox.
  5. Decide how you wish to pay for the transfer of the orders by selecting one of the payment options mentioned below and then click the Continue button to execute the same:
    • Option 1: Transfer the orders and the invoices will be kept pending for the customer. This way, the customer can pay for the invoices later.
    • Option 2: Transfer the domain names using the current debit account balance of the customer. This option would immediately debit your customer's debit account for the cost of the transfer. If there are insufficient funds in the customer's debit account balance, then the system would transfer as many orders as possible.
    • Option 3: Transfer the orders without creating any invoices for the customer.
  6. Upon placing a Bulk Transfer request, the system will display you a confirmation message and both yours and your customer's funds will be locked.

ResellerClub will also send you an email once the domain name transfer has begun.

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