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ResellerClub - Bulk Privacy Protection

Using ResellerClub's Bulk Privacy Protection feature, you can enable and disable Privacy Protection for multiple domain names simultaneously.

How to Manage Privacy Protection in Bulk

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel.
  2. In the Menu, point to Products -> Bulk Tools and then click Bulk Privacy Protection
  3. Enter the following details in the fields provided:

    • Enable/Disable Privacy Protection by: Here you may select one of the following:
      • Order ID
      • Domain Name
      • Reseller ID
      • Customer ID
    • IDs/Domain Names: Depending upon your choice in the above selection, you need to specify relevant details here as comma-separated values.
    • Reason for Disabling Privacy Protection: You should specify the exact reason due to which you are disabling Privacy Protection for these Orders, so that the Sub-Reseller/Customer may view the same from their Control Panel in the Order Details view.
  4. Click Privacy Protection or Disable Privacy Protection button, as required.