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ResellerClub - Account Access/Password Reset

This article will walk you through accessing your ResellerClub account and show you how to reset your password.

Accessing Your Account

  1. Visit the Reseller Login :
  2. Enter your Username (your Email Address) and Password and click the Login button.

You might encounter an error, as illustrated in the image below:

This could occur for the following reasons:
  • Bad username/password. (Please ensure that there are no spaces in the beginning or at the end of the Username.) If you require a new password, please follow the "Reset Account Password" instructions below.
  • Your Control Panel access has been disabled by ResellerClub. Please get in touch with ResellerClub's Support Team to resolve this issue.

Reset Account Password

To request  an Account Password reset:
  1. Click the Forgot Password link from the following URL:
  1. Enter your Username (i.e. your email address) and click the Send Reset Instructions button.
  2. ResellerClub will send you email containing a link which will allow you to reset your Control Panel Password.

Please consider the following when creating your password:

  • Allowed password length is 8 to 15 characters.
  • Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, with punctuation marks, special characters and numbers.
  • Change the password on a regular basis.
  • Avoid a password that contains personal information (name, birth place, etc.) or dictionary words.
  • Avoid using repeating characters (aaaaaa), keyboard patterns (asdfgh) or sequential numbers (123456).
  • Do not disclose your password to anyone.
  • While setting a new password, you may not re-use the current password or the previous password.