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ResellerClub - Bulk Domain Registration

The Bulk Domain Registration tool can be used to simultaneously register multiple domain names.

How to Bulk Register Domains

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel.
  2. In the Menu, point to Products -> Bulk Tools and then click Bulk Register.
  3. Enter the Customer Email Address for which you wish to register these domain names.
  4. Mention the domain names in the format requested, select the number of years you want to register these domain names for and click the Next Step button.
  5. Enter values in their respective fields as explained below:
    • Contact Information: By default, the Default Contact set for the specified Customer is picked as the Registrant Contact. You may choose a different Registrant Contact by clicking the Edit link. The Contact chosen as the Registrant Contact will be used for the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts.
    • Name Server Information: Mention at least 2 valid Name Servers for these domain names.
    • Payment Options: Decide how you wish to Pay for the Registration of the Orders by selecting one of the Payment Options mentioned below:
      • Option 1: Register the Orders and the Invoices will be kept Pending for the Customer. This way, the Customer can pay for the Invoices later.
      • Option 2: Register the domain names using the Current Debit Account Balance of the Customer. This option would immediately debit your Customer's Debit Account for the Cost of the Registrations. If there are insufficient funds in the Customer's Debit Account, then the system would fail the Bulk Registration action.
      • Option 3: Register the Orders without raising any Invoices for the Customer.
  6. Click the Confirm Registration button to initiate the order.