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How to Manage Optimized WordPress


You will be able to install, modify, or delete a WP blog directly from your Customer Portal.

Optimized WordPress users will have tabs in their portal to manage their Optimized WordPress installations and email accounts. WordPress Manager will open up the area where the WordPress install(s) will be managed.

If you have an existing WordPress you want to move to your Optimized WordPress hosting package, we have this guide on moving your website to HostGator with all the details you need for a successful migration.

How to Install a New Optimized WordPress

To install a new Optimized WordPress (OWP) site: 

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard in your Customer Portal and select the domain you wish to manage:

    OWP Dashboard

  2. Click Create Blog.

    OWP Create Blog

  3. Enter your domain name and the name of your blog, then click Add Blog.

    OWP Add New Blog

  4. The status of your new blog will then be Installation Pending. Refresh the page after a few minutes, and it will then say WordPress Installed.

    OWP Blog Install

    OWP OWP Blog

How to Manage Your WordPress Installation

To manage your new WordPress site, first ensure that your nameservers are updated to the ones provided in your welcome email. Then, you can either go to the Dashboard > or Hosting >tab to see the domains you wish to manage:

OWP Dashboard

OWP Dashboard

You will then see the following screen:

OWP Dashboard

From here, you may perform the following actions:

  • WordPress Admin: Takes you directly to your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Cache Settings: Manage your WordPress caching settings.
  • Email Accounts: Manage and access the email accounts for your blog's domain.
  • Delete WordPress Blog: This option will allow you to delete an OWP installation to make room for a new one on your current plan.
  • CodeGuard: Takes you directly to your CodeGuard dashboard to manage your backups.
  • SiteLock: Takes you directly to your SiteLock dashboard to manage your site's security.
  • Manage FTP: Let's you create and modify FTP accounts for your OWP installation.
  • SSL: This will allow you to manage your website's SSL certificate.