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Optimized WordPress


What is Optimized WordPress?

Optimized WordPress (OWP) is a new hosting platform that is specifically built for an optimized and managed WordPress environment. Optimized WordPress hosting packages will come pre-loaded with PHP 5.6 by default (the most recent PHP version offered). HostGator will automatically handle all core updates, as well as updating any installed themes or plugins available from WordPress.org.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about logging into your WP-Admin panel to handle common updates. Additionally, Optimized WordPress does not provide cPanel access, allowing you to install and access your WordPress sites without needing to access or navigate an extra control panel to do the things you want to do. There are 6 different levels of Optimized WordPress packages available for purchase:

Package TypeBlogs Included
Starter1 Blog
Standard2 Blogs
Business3 Blogs

What's Included With Optimized WordPress?

Optimized WordPress offers incredible value by not just providing a managed experience that removes obstacles such as cPanel and software upgrades from developing your site the way you want it, it also will include all of the following services already built directly into the Optimized WordPress hosting price:

All of these services, already a great value for existing HostGator customers, will be included in the cost of every Optimized WordPress package!

No cPanel? No problem!

Optimized WordPress does not come with cPanel access. Why not? cPanel is not necessary for the functionality of WordPress! The hosting side will be managed via Portal, with Webmail functionality. HostGator will handle any management that would require cPanel access to the server to provide a seamless service and a pure WordPress experience.


How does email work without cPanel? You will have the ability to add or delete email accounts directly in Portal, set the quota, create/generate passwords for email addresses. See the following article for instructions on how to create email accounts for Optimized WordPress to get started:

WordPress Media Center

You'll be able to upload files and media directly to your site using WordPress Media Center. This tool is built directly into WordPress and circumvents the need to use tools that are not available, such as cPanel's File Manager.

FTP Access

Advanced users and developers will be able to create FTP accounts, making it possible to upload custom theme files and premium plugin code. FTP access even allows you to directly modify WordPress files from outside of Dashboard!

Security Updates

Optimized WordPress will have HostGator mod_sec rules built in, so you won’t have to worry about malicious users, injections, or any other general security concerns. Because we also handle the updating of plugins, themes, and core files, there’s a significantly smaller chance of malware due to outdated WordPress components.


Because of the level of redundancy that has been built into Optimized WordPress Hosting, we have the ability to perform server hardware maintenance without you experiencing downtime.


If you have an existing WordPress blog with HostGator on any plan, or with another host, we can migrate it! The migration fee for one WordPress per blog on your plan is waived when you request a migration within the first 30 days of opening your new account!

Check our article regarding Website Transfers for more information:


The Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin comes pre-loaded on all Optimized WordPress installations. This means that you'll never have to leave your WordPress dashboard to see the traffic your site is getting and how well you're doing.

How to Manage Optimized WordPress

You will be able to install, modify, or delete a WP blog directly from portal.hostgator.com. The menu is actually very simple. Optimized WordPress users will have tabs in their portal just manage their Optimized WordPress installations and email accounts. WordPress Manager will open up the area where the WordPress install(s) will be managed.

To add a new WordPress block click Create Blog.

Enter your domain name and the name of your blog, then click Add Blog.

The status of your new block will then be Installation Pending. Refresh the page after a few minutes and it will then say WordPress Installed.

To manage your new WordPress site, first ensure that your nameservers are updated to the ones provided in your welcome email, then click the gear icon next to your WordPress installation.

From here you may click Manage WordPress to go directly to your WordPress dashboard, Cache Settings to manage your WordPress caching, Email Accounts to manage and access the email accounts for your blog's domain, CodeGuard to manage your backups, and SiteLock to manage your site's security. Lastly, you may delete this WordPress to make room for a new installation by clicking Delete WordPress Install.

Note: Our Optimized WordPress hosting is limited to a single WordPress site per instance. For this reason, multi-site is not an option at this time.