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How to Log into Webmail

Webmail is a great feature offered by cPanel. There are two ways that you can log into webmail:
  1. Access webmail through cPanel (administrator access only)
  2. Access webmail via direct link  ⤵ (for email users)

If your domain has propagated, you can access webmail by typing any of the following URLs into your browser's address bar. In the examples below, substitute your primary domain or addon domain name for example.com.


You can also access webmail by going through the default webmail port 2095:


The following method does not work for addon domains:

Accessing Horde or RoundCube via Direct Link

As an alternative to going to webmail, you can utilize one of the three default webmail clients through direct URL. Enter one of the following URLs in your browser's address bar, replacing example.com with your primary domain name:


Note: Due to the way the shared SSL works, you will have to accept the certificate warning to access the webmail interface after navigating to the URL provided above.

Logging into Webmail

Once you go to any of the addresses above, you will be prompted for your email address and password.

Note: You are not being asked for your cPanel username and password.
  1. In the Email Address field, type your full email address (e.g. username@example.com).
  2. In the Password field, provide the password which you provided when you created the email account.

For additional help logging into webmail, please see our video tutorials:

We also have several video tutorials that will assist you with understanding the differences and functionality of the three webmail clients in cPanel.