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How to Access Your Email Through cPanel


There are several ways to read your email. Normally, users will go to yourdomainname.com/webmail and login. Here is a video tutorial on how to login to webmail: 

If you are the administrator and would like to access different email accounts through the cPanel, you may do the following from either your Customer portal Hosting tab or from your cPanel home page:

  1. Click on the Email Accounts icon (not the Webmail icon!)

HostGator cPanel webmail icon

  1. Find the email account you wish to access in the list of email accounts.


  1. To the right of the email account, you want to access, click on More, and then click on Access Webmail.

HostGator Cpanel access webmail

  1. A new page asking for your password will appear.  Enter the correct password. (If you need to force your way in, you can reset the email password with the Change Password link on the previous page.)
  2. Click on the webmail application that you would like to use.
    • Horde
    • RoundCube

You have now accessed your email through cPanel.