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How to Log into cPanel Directly

To improve your hosting experience, HostGator upgraded the Customer Portal with a new layout and features. This upgrade did not impact your websites, email, domains, or other services with HostGator. If you need to edit your site(s), please log in using WP Admin or cPanel directly. The links to the relevant articles are listed below.

Do you need help finding your cPanel login information or URL? This article will discuss how you can log directly into your cPanel using your server's IP address, server hostname, or domain name. This method will require you to log into cPanel using your cPanel username and password.

For instructions on how to log in to your cPanel through your Customer Portal, check out the How to Log in to cPanel article.

If you're looking for a guide on how to log into your Customer Portal, please visit the How to Log in to Customer Portal article.

To learn more about what cPanel is and how it works, you can refer to the A Beginners Guide to cPanel article.

What should I do to log into cPanel directly?

Here are the steps for logging into cPanel directly.

Step 1: Get your server information

To log into cPanel directly, you will need either your server's IP address, server's hostname, or domain name. You can choose ANY of these options.

Option 1: IP Address

You can get your server's IP address either from your Websites tab or Hosting tab.

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Get your IP address via the Websites tab OR Hosting tab.

    To locate the IP address within the Websites tab:

    1. Within the Customer Portal, click Websites on the left-side menu.

      Customer Portal - Websites tab

    2. Under the Websites page, locate the website whose cPanel you want to access, then click its Settings button.

      Customer Portal - Websites tab - Settings button

    3. On the next page, click the Settings tab.

      Customer Portal - Settings tab

    4. Under the Settings tab, scroll down to the Name Servers & IP Address section.
    5. Click the View link under IP Address.

      Customer Portal - Settings tab - Name Servers & IP Address

    6. A pop-up will appear, showing you your IP address.

      Name Servers & IP Address - View link

    To locate the IP address within the Hosting tab:

    1. Within the Customer Portal, click Hosting on the left-side menu.

      Hosting tab

    2. If you have a single hosting package in your account, scroll down to the Server Information section.

      If you have multiple hosting packages in your account, locate the hosting package you want to manage on the Hosting Packages page, then click its Manage button.

      Hosting tab - Manage button

    3. Scroll down to the Server Information section.

      Server Information section

    4. Click the View link to display a pop-up window with the IP address.

      IP Address

Option 2: Server Hostname

For this option, please note that the best place to get the server hostname is from the cPanel itself, as it is not always visible in the Customer Portal. The next time you get access to your cPanel, you may want to get your server hostname so you can use this method the next time you need to log into cPanel via its URL.

Here is how to find your server hostname within cPanel.

  1. Within cPanel, check the General Information section on the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Click Server Information.

    cPanel - Server Information

  3. You will see your server name and even your IP address under the Server Information page.

    cPanel - Server Information
    (The sample image above shows the server hostname as Server Name "gator123" and IP address as Shared IP Address "192.123.456.789.")


Option 3: Domain name

For this option, your domain must be connected to your HostGator server, which you can also do in the Domains section of your Customer Portal. Please refer to the How do I change my DNS or Name Servers | Use HostGator name servers article for the instructions.


Step 2: Access the cPanel URL

In pulling up cPanel using URL, we always recommend using a secure connection, "https:" and the cPanel secure port number, "2083."

In your browser, type:

IP address

Please use the IP address you got from your Customer Portal (as described above). The URL in your browser's address bar should look similar to this:



Server hostname

Please use the server name you got from your cPanel (as described above). You will also need to add "hostgator.com" to the server name to complete the server hostname. The URL in your browser's address bar should look similar to this:



Domain name

Please make sure your domain is pointed to your HostGator server, or else this method will not work. The URL in your browser's address bar should look similar to this:




Step 3: Enter the cPanel username and password

Once you pull up your cPanel using any of the methods described in Step 2, your browser will show the cPanel login page, where you need to enter your cPanel username and password.

cPanel Login Page

So, where can I find my cPanel username and password?

cPanel Username

The cPanel username is available in the Customer Portal's Server Information section and the cPanel's General Information section.

Customer Portal - Server Information

In the Customer Portal, you will find the cPanel username within the Server Information section.

Server Information section

The sample image above shows the SSH Keys as "snappy@@123.456.789.000" with "snappy" as the cPanel username.

cPanel - General Information

Within cPanel, look for the Current User in the General Information section located in the right-hand sidebar.

cPanel - Current User
The sample image above shows the cPanel username as "snappy" under Current User.


cPanel Password

You may be prompted to set up or reset your cPanel password if you attempt to log into your cPanel via the direct URL method. Please visit the following article to learn how to reset your cPanel password.

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