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Private Name Servers


If you have a Reseller account, VPS or Dedicated Server, you can set up private name servers that use your domain name instead of HostGator's name. For example, if you own the domain example.com, you could use ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com for your name servers.

Note: Using private name servers is optional for Reseller accounts; however, private name servers are required for VPS and Dedicated Servers.

If you are not familiar with private name servers (sometimes called private nameservers), the following article will provide an explanation and an overview of the required steps for registering private name servers:

Setting Up Private Name Servers

The first step is to register your private name servers with your domain registrar. Once that is done, you should make sure your DNS is configured correctly. The following articles explain what to do, step by step.

Depending on your configuration, step 2 & 3 may be done for you; however, you should still check to make sure it is correct. In some cases, you will have to complete steps 2 & 3 manually if not already done.

Setting Private Name Servers at Specific Registrars

In addition to the general instructions for registering your private name servers above, we have some articles for specific registrars. These articles only cover "Step 1" of the directions above. You will still need to configure your DNS with steps 2 and 3 after registering your private name servers.

Note: Some of these registrars may refer to private name servers as private nameservers or personal nameservers when identifying required settings.

After Registering Private Name Servers

After you register your private name servers, and properly set up the DNS records, you will be able to start to using them for domains on your account. Note that when you change name servers, some people will see the change instantly, while others won't see the change for up to 24 to 48 hours.

Advanced Topics

The articles listed below can assist should you find the need to perform certain advanced tasks: