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How to Configure WinSCP


WinSCP allows you to connect your remote server via FTP, SCP or SFTP protocols.

SFTP users must have their port set to 2222 and have SSH enabled on their hosting account in order to use this function properly.

Connecting FTP with WinSCP

To connect via WinSCP:

  1. FTP settings must be set to the following:
    • Port needs to be set to 21.
    • No encryption
    • Hostname can be the Domain Name or Server IP.
    • Username will be the FTP account's username.
    • Password will be the FTP account's password.
  2. To connect immediately, click Login.

Save Login Information:

WinSCP allows you to create as many logins as you like. To save your login information:

  1. On the login screen, click Save instead of Login.
  2. In the popup that appears, enter a name for the FTP login.
  3. Click OK.

Using a Saved Login

To use a saved Login:

  1. Click on the Account Name.
  2. Click Login.

WinSCP will then log in with the selected account's saved information.