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How to Transfer Files with WinSCP


WinSCP will format itself to display two columns upon program by default upon the program being opened/started. The left side will represent your local machine and the right will be connected to your remote server.

Prior to following these directions, please ensure that you have established a FTP connection.

To Transfer Files with WinSCP

Pro Tip: You can select individual files, click to select multiple files or right click and drag a box over the content to be selected.
  1. Click on files or folders to be transferred. You can navigate to the correct pathways by clicking on the folders prior to selecting files.
  2. Drag and drop the files or folders from one panel to the other panel (such as left to right or vice versa).
  3. Upon dropping the content into the receiving panel, a popup dialogue box will appear.
  4. Click Copy after confirming the directory that the files will be moved into.

The files will be immediately available once the transfer is complete.