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How CodeGuard Backups Work


When purchasing CodeGuard, the service will immediately begin processing your initial backup. After generating your initial backup, CodeGuard will send you an email letting you know that the process is complete.

Note: CodeGuard only creates backups of your site files and databases, and does not backup the email accounts associated with the domain of your website.

CodeGuard can generate backups in one of three types of circumstances: an initial backup, regular continuous backups, and on-demand backups.

Initial Backup

CodeGuard will begin running an initial backup on your websites as soon as you have purchased the service. During this process, a complete data retrieval of all files that CodeGuard has access to will be compiled.

There are four main steps within the initial backup process:

  1. Process Initiation - CodeGuard verifies the credentials provided.
  2. File Pickup - The file structure of the website is analyzed before Codeguard creates a git repository into a cloud server.
  3. File Transit - The file pickup process is finalized by confirming the list of files that will be copied over to the git repository created for the site. Once confirmed, the files are then transferred over the to git repository onto the cloud server.
  4. Final Delivery - Files are moved from the git repository onto the cloud server and encrypted as they are moved to a digital storage facility. Once moved and encrypted, the files are removed from the cloud server.

After the initial backup, future backups are differential, both in the files that are transferred and the files that are stored on your behalf. It is during this process that you will also be able to view real-time updates on the backup process.

Backup Tracker

Continuous Backups

After the initial backup, whenever CodeGuard detects a change to the site's source code, the backup process outlined above will take place for the files that were affected by the change.

CodeGuard continues to monitor your site daily and will send you an email notification if there are any changes to your site.

On-Demand Backups

On-demand backups are available to CodeGuard Professional, Premium and Enterprise plans. This feature allows users to create backups whenever desired in addition to the daily automated backups.

To start an on-demand backup:

  1. Log into your CodeGuard account.
  2. Select the site for which you wish to run a backup.
  3. In the Files tab, locate the backup counter at the top right.
    Backup Counter
  4. Click Run Backup Now.

Your backup will be queued to begin shortly.

Checking the Progress of a Backup

After you click Run Backup Now, the button will be replaced with the text "Backup was requested," accompanied by a check mark.

In addition to this, you can check to make sure your backup was completed by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Restore tab.
  2. Under Latest Backups, click VIEW ALL.

If the backup was completed, it will be listed in the Backup History with the date, time and details showing what was changed.